Chebance! Digital Bridge


CheBanca! Digital Bridge is an online portal powered by MEDICI where FinTech startups can submit their company profile fir the attention of CheBanca!’s innovation leaders. A monthly analysis will be done by CheBanca! with the help of MEDICI’s FinTech experts to identify potential cooperation opportunities in the growing pool of startups. CheBanca! will be able to reach applicants spanning across 56 countries captured from MEDICI’s growing ecosystem of 6,000+ FinTech disruptors.

Website: . Location: . Italy Benefits . FinTech Startups can apply directly from the CheBanca! Digital Bridge page on MEDICI. Once the application is completed, every startup will receive a USD500 monetary reward to publish their story on the #1 website for FinTech insights, The story will be shared with more than 80,000 FinTech professionals worldwide, giving them global visibility and exposure.