Payments Enables Small Businesses to do Promotions, Appointments and Accept Payments Easily

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According to an article published by Forbes, there are 28 million small businesses in the US and over 22 million are self-employed. The articles also states that approximately 75% of all US businesses are non-employer businesses and that the fastest growing sector for freelance businesses include auto repair shops, beauty salons and dry cleaners. These small businesses and solopreneurs always have problems relating to bill payments, scheduling appointments with clients and small scale marketing promotions. Sometimes the client doesn’t pay the bill on time while sometimes the owner doesn’t have time to remind the client. Businesses like beauty salons, spa services and yoga training require prior appointments and it is not unusual that the owner overlaps multiple client appointments due to mismanagement and confusion.


To solve these common problems for small businesses, Richard Titus and Eli-Shaoul Khedouri founded in 2013. is a mobile app that helps small businesses and self-employed individuals to run their business smoothly by enabling them to easily schedule bill payments, generate invoices, schedule appointments with clients and send promotions on its user-friendly interface. The app is integrated with all the business contacts, maps, payment gateways and promotion platforms like Facebook and email.

A business owner can use to schedule appointments with his/her client. Once the appointment is scheduled, the client receives an email and a text message on the phone with a confirmation link and details. The client doesn’t need to have the app to access the confirmation details making it an easy process for both the parties. A similar process is followed for bill payments. Invoices are generated automatically even if somebody cancels the appointment. The business owner can set an additional cancellation fee that will be automatically charged on the client’s credit card making the entire process hassle-free. The business owner can also send promotional posts to the clients through Facebook, email and text message. This saves a lot of time for the owner because everything is at one place.

Richard D. Titus, CEO at, has been a serial entrepreneur who co-founded more than 7 firms and a strategic adviser who worked with companies like BBC. Eli-Shaoul Khedouri, CTO at, is a technologist and an adviser who worked with companies like Sun Microsystems and Everest. They began as a small team of 4 people including the CEO, the CTO, operations manager and marketing economist. The company received $1.5mn seed funding in 2013 from Subtraction Capital, Rincon Venture Partners and Foundry Group. Angel investors including Ethan Beard from Facebook have also invested in the company.

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