Provenir Launches RestAPI-Based Microservices Capability – ProvAPI; The New Solution Can Be Explored in This Web Event


New York, NY – 17 October 2017 – Provenir announced today the expansion of its risk analytics and decisioning platform to include a microservices capability. This empowers engineering and risk professionals to collaboratively create and implement risk processes, exposing them as REST APIs, which may include; risk models, scorecards, predictive analytics, machine learning algorithms and data integrations.

A microservices-based architecture has become popular, allowing teams to develop, test, and deploy discrete easy to maintain functions without disrupting overall operations. ProvAPI’s simple and easy to use interface empowers technical and business users to expose business functions as discrete services, providing organizations with unprecedented agility when supporting risk strategies.

Paul Thomas, Managing Director at Provenir, points out, “Our clients value the flexibility Provenir provides when it comes to implementing new products. We see institutions eager to leverage the power of Microservices to deliver discrete, flexible capabilities. With ProvAPI, we’re delivering a tool which enables cross-functional teams to implement improvements quickly with minimal impact to the rest of their infrastructure.”

To demonstrate the power of ProvAPI, Provenir invites risk and IT professionals to view this web event.

Provenir Launches RestAPI Based Microservices Capability - ProvAPI ; The New Solution Can Be Explored in This Web EventAbout Provenir

Provenir makes risk analytics faster and simpler for financial institutions.



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