Q&A With Christophe Remillet, Founder of OneVisage

LTP Team: What is the problem with two-factor authentication?

Christophe Remillet: On one hand, you have passwords and PIN codes that are painful and unsafe. On the other hand, you have two authentication factors or two-step authentication solutions that are seriously impairing the end-user experience, resulting in >30% of transaction abandonments. So it has to be simpler and safer.

LTP: Are the new generation of millennials more willing to switch to biometric authentication?

CR: Recent reports indicate that 75% of generation Z wants to use biometry. Biometric solutions need to be aligned with the nature of the transaction. For example, low-value payments must be instantaneous and shouldn’t require any specific actions from users, whereas high-value transactions should not necessarily be that fast but should be really secure.

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