Q&A With Amir Wain, Founder and CEO, i2c Inc.

LTP recently got the opportunity to interview founder and CEO of i2c Inc. i2c is a global, cloud-based provider of next-generation integrated payments and commerce solutions.

As founder and CEO of i2c, Amir is responsible for defining a clear vision and setting strategic direction for the company. Recognized as a pioneer in the prepaid/stored value industry, Amir founded software development firm Innovative Private Limited in 1987 and led the global launch of the transaction processing platform FastCash. Propelled by the success of Innovative, he founded i2c, Inc. in 2001 to bring next-generation processing solutions to the payments industry. Contributing to the company’s expansive growth curve, under Amir’s guidance, i2c has introduced a number of industry firsts, including card-linked offers, event-driven account holder communications and gift card voice personalization.

LTP: Could you provide an overview of i2c Inc. and some details of your journey along with key milestones that you have achieved? (We read about i2c having a reach of more than 200 countries and presence across five continents with offices in Sydney & Australia.)

Amir Wain: i2c’s mission is to create better payment and commerce experiences for consumers and businesses around the world. Our credit, debit and prepaid payment solutions enable financia ...

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