Qiku Smartphone Re-Innovation Shakes up the Asian Mobile Market

Mobile innovation has streamlined the way the world communicates, conducts business, exchanges currency and more. At the same time, theft, fraud and phishing has increasingly been on the rise. Cyberattacks by fraudsters have been a challenge as hackers are now more tech-savvy than ever.

Passwords, biometrics and two-factor authentication are just a few security features available on smartphones on the market today. With a global demand for smarter and more secure devices, Qiku phones are said to shake up the Asian mobile market. Quiku, a joint venture between Qihoo 360 and Coolpad, announced on August 26, 2015, its entry into the Asian smartphone market. Three new high-end performance Android phones include security features not found on any other phone on the market.

Below are some notable highlights from the announcement (click here to read the full press release). The Qiku phones will start shipping in China in September, India in October and Indonesia later this year. Distribution to additional countries, including Brazil, Russia and Turkey, will follow.

The new smartphone line includes high-end (Q Terra) and entry-level (Q Luna) models for all markets, and a China-only mid-range version. Without compromising on the high-end performance smartphone users demand, the Qiku phones provide consumers with unprecedented safety and security features other phones can't match.

"At present, all Android mobile users in China face daily fraudulent telemarketing calls, phishing attacks and shopping on insecure e-commerce websites," said Qihoo 360 CEO Zhou Hongyi. "With Qiku's new range of smartphones, we mitigate those risks, providing free insurance covering up to 120,000 RMB (approximately $18,700) of coverage to protect our users. Even Apple iOS security, while well done, lacks this capability to protect people from the growing threat of mobile fraud."

Among other features, the Qiku phones include:

- Secure payments feature uses a dedicated VPN for payment applications

- Unique kill switch function allows consumers to remotely disable lost phones—even without Internet access or when a different SIM card is used on a stolen phone

- Ability to hide confidential documents from prying eyes and rogue third-party applications using a unique personal code

- Ability to simply use two WeChat instant messenger accounts on one smartphone

- Dedicated team of 2,500 security engineers working 24/7 to deal with mobile phishing, viruses, malware and APT attacks in real time

- Ability to uninstall all preinstalled applications on the smartphone

"Qiku is offering consumers high-quality smartphones at affordable prices with many security features," said Qiku Chief Business Officer Patrick Pan. "Our goal is to be one of the top three smartphone and smart device makers in China. Our proven business model and security DNA has previously demonstrated that we cause major disruption for existing competitors in the markets we enter."

All three phones use the 360 OS operating system, a variation of Android 5.1 Lollipop with added security features. Other noteworthy features of the Qiku phones include large screens, high-end processors, unusually long battery life, a unique dual 13-megapixel camera system on the high-end and mid-range models (allowing for high-quality photography even in low-light situations) and a backside fingerprint scanner.

About Qihoo 360:

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading Internet company in China. The company is also the number one provider of Internet and mobile security products in China as measured by its user base, according to iResearch. Qihoo 360 also provides users with secure access points to the Internet via its market-leading Web browsers and application stores. The company has built one of the largest open Internet platforms in China and monetizes its massive user base primarily through online advertising and through Internet value-added services on its open platform.

Source: Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.