QSR Payments acceptance, 14 stories from N. America

We recently reviewed the payment systems at 14 leading quick service restaurants (QSRs). Here is a summary of what we observed:

  • 10 have their own online/app checkout systems.
  • 3 of them accept Apple Pay/Google Wallet/ISIS/Other contactless payment system.
  • Only 1 of them has its own checkout system and accepts either of Apple Pay/Google Wallet/ISIS/Other contactless payment system.

Following are the highlights of what we found on each of them:


One of the most popular QSRs throughout the world, McDonalds’ provides different payments systems across its outlets in different regions. McDonalds’ Sweden app has integrated the SEQR mobile payments solution developed by Seamless. Swedish customers can use the mobile app to scan a QR code at checkout and enter the PIN to enable payment via the SEQR digital wallet.

In Singapore, McDonalds’ had launched a mobile payments system in collaboration with Visa. The system requires users to create a one-time user account and register their Visa cards. This enables a one-click payment via the app.

The QSR offers the McDelivery 1711 service in Thailand using a mobile payment service developed by Swiff in collaboration with Thailand’s AEON Thana Sinsap Ltd. The mobile payment service uses credit cards. In France, McDonalds uses a mobile payment system in collaboration with Airtag, a company specialized in POS payments. The mobile payment system is an iPh ...

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