Quality Data Is a Key Innovation Enabler and a Foundation for AI Adoption

Amid the craze of adopting big data and analytics for a competitiveness boost, businesses fall for the risk of omitting the assessment of the quality of information piled up on servers. Meanwhile, data quality has a direct effect on the accuracy of decisions made using that data and can lead to disastrous results for businesses, being the foundation on which they are built. Quality data drives meaningful insights even in a limited stream and is far more potent in fueling better financial services than a raw warehouse of information of a questionable quality.

The poor quality of organizational data causes incorrect analytics, business process interruptions, regulatory and compliance issues. Most importantly, it can have a negative financial impact on the organization.

Not only does the quality of data translates into accurate information decisions, but also serves as a prerequisite for successful adoption of advanced technologies. In particular, artificial intelligence (

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