QuBit's Data Analytics optimizes eCommerce Websites, Raised $8.85 Million

QuBit was Co-Founded in January 2010 by Graham Cooke (CEO), Ian McCaig (CMO), Emre Baran (CTO) and Daniel Shellard (COO). The company has received a total funding of $8.85 Mn through investors Westminster Growth Capital and Balderton Capital.

QuBit is a data analytics startup that aims to help eCommerce sites with customer personalization. The company is best known for its OpenTag cloud-based system. Based out of London, Qubit works across Europe and the Americas with eCommerce, publishers and lead generation businesses such as Burton, BBC, TalkTalk, Evans, NotOntheHighStreet,, Telegraph, AOL, European Directories, MyDeco, and Holiday Extras.

This video gives you an overview of QuBit:

About QuBit:

  • QuBit says that they are ‘a cloud-hosted technology that consolidates several disparate technologies, plugging into your site via a single line of JavaScript and our Universal Variable data model’. This one time integration essentially creates a permanent system for targeting and data collection.
  • The company says that their analytics draws on over 300 page variables and visitor feedback, giving you a complete understanding of different visitor segments throughout the purchase cycle.
  • QuBit’s hands on interface lets marketers and ecommerce professionals deliver personalizations and make site changes seamlessly.
  • Their solution accurately measures any change made to your site, from A/B testing to live personalizations.

Opentag Pricing:

We can do an analysis, understand who the users are and look at the journeys they’ve taken. So, for example, certain users always have these issues when putting things in their basket; they don’t know if they spend another $15.30 they will get free delivery, said CEO Graham Cooke. So you can choose that segment from the analytics platform and choose to target that segment with a message, which we put straight into the website without needing to rewrite the website. You just need a single line of code on the site.

They’re in a great space. How to optimize customer insights and personalization on websites is something all retailers and online merchants want to do. Right now, they’re doing it with a variety of technologies, some less easy to use, and some quite old, said Bernard Liataud, General Partner at Balderton Capital. QuBit optimizes conversion and gives great insight on customer traffic, and helps use the data you already have to improve the journey on a website. That’s the holy grail and QuBit has created an interesting approach to get it.

Some of QuBit’s Recent Clients: