Quick and Secure Payments via Shift4's VT4 Solution

On 9th April 2014, DOLLARS ON THE NET® provider - Shift4 - announced their new solution VT4. This solution turns mobile devices into a convenient point of sale. VT4 was unveiled at TRANSACT 14: Powered by ETA and is accessible through a mobile app or a web browser.

'A lot of the mobile technologies on the market today simply don’t provide the features that larger businesses require. Many merchants sacrificed security and PCI compliance in the rush to adopt early mobile solutions,' said Shift4’s CEO, Dave Oder. 'VT4 is the answer that businesses have been looking for; it is mobile payments designed with the enterprise in mind.'

  • Shift4’s VT4 provides online and offline processing capabilities that allow users to complete credit, debit, cash, and gift card transactions across all business outlets.
  • This includes resort properties with onsite retail and restaurants.
  • The company says that VT4 is the first 100% bank- and processor-neutral payment app.
  • It also enables for an unlimited number of MIDs and users.
  • VT4 utilizes TrueTokenization and P2PE, to ensure sensitive cardholder data never enters the mobile device.
  • It also offers complete administrator control over the devices – admins can remotely add or disable a user’s access, or modify their permissions in real time.

Whether a country club wants a convenient way for customers to make a concessions purchase out on the golf course, or a retailer needs more points of sale for temporary increases in transaction volume, such as during a holiday sale, VT4 is the quickest and safest way to accept mobile payments, said Oder.

Some features of their platform:

Enterprise Management: Whether transactions are completed through your point-of-sale (POS) or on VT4, DOLLARS ON THE NET provides centralized control so you can audit, edit, report, batch, and settle all in one place.

Security: With VT4, you get all the security features you've come to expect from DOLLARS ON THE NET, including mobile P2PE and TrueTokenization®.

Admin Controls: Account administrators can remotely add, disable, and configure users and permissions as needed. With VT4, you can quickly and remotely disable an employee's access should they quit or get terminated.

Secure Offline Mode: Safely complete transactions in the mobile app even in a 'no signal' situation. Account administrators can establish thresholds for the Secure Offline Stand-In® and even customize thresholds for each individual user.

White Labeling Capabilities: You can customize VT4's appearance so that your brand's logo and colors are used throughout.