Quikkly Raises $1 Mn, Poised to Replace QR Codes with its Action Tags

Quikkly is a UK-based startup that makes the real world as clickable as the web through customizable Action Tags. The company recently announced that it had raised a $1 million round of seed investment. Initial Capital had led the round and was joined by a number of angel investors.

Launched in November 2014 on iOS, Android and the web, Quikkly’s Action Tags make online actions instantly accessible in the real world. When people see a tag they are interested in, they scan using Quikkly – or a Quikkly enabled app – and get instant access to content straight on your phone in the apps you already have. Scan the Spotify Tag to play the song in the Spotify app right now. Scan to ‘Like’ on Facebook or ‘follow’ on Twitter. It’s lightning fast and incredibly easy to do.

Here is an illustration highlighting the service:

For brands and agencies, Quikkly is a new service that helps consumers engages more effectively due to the simplicity, clarity, manageability and traceability of Action Tags. Quikkly is the first and only company offering Action Tags which enable anyone to connect to the stuff they want – lightning fast. Quikkly is free for everyone (Brands, Agencies or Individuals) to use – and it only takes a few moments to set up a Quikkly Action Tag via your mobile or the web. Quikkly is available globally.

Fergal Walker, CEO of Quikkly, said in an official press release: Since launch, the response of consumers and brands has been very positive. We’re seeing Action Tags being used in ways we had never even considered all around the world. It shows just how flexible Quikkly is. It’s very early days in the life of Quikkly but companies are already seeing levels of offline engagement considerably higher than before. This investment confirms the potential of what we’ve created. Initial Capital have a great track record and we’re delighted that they and others share the Quikkly vision of a more clickable real world.