RBC is Testing Apple Pay, Rumored to be Launching in Canada Soon

In US, Apple Pay supports 90% of the payment card brands that consumers use. Following its success with banking partners in US, it seems Apple Pay wishes to do the same in Canada as well. Royal Bank of Canada is rolling out a pilot project for Apple Pay aimed at those having either an RBC Royal Bank USD checking account or RBC Bank US credit card, as reported by MobileSyrup. Although this project is currently meant for the Canadian employees only but this doesn’t rule out that Apple Pay might be launched in Canada later this year.

RBC is the largest bank in Canada and would make an ideal partner for Apple Pay to enter the Canadian market. Canada already has prominent presence of NFC terminals and established EMV chip-and-pin based payment infrastructure. Many Canadian banks already offer similar mobile payment services for Android and BlackBerry users. With the backing of RBC when it enters the Canadian market, Apple Pay can expect a number of banking partnerships in short period as it witnessed in US.


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