RBI Announces Guidelines for P2P NBFCs

In the ever so evolutionary space of FinTech, the journey of a market starts with payments and slowly moves on to lending and so on. They come in various shapes and sizes:

  • Loan aggregators (they are essentially lead generators for banks and NBFC) almost 10-11 years in existence.
  • Alternate scoring-based (+traditional) lenders who lend from their own books or work on an FLDG basis with an NBFC (relatively new).
  • Crowdfunding (is in existence now for more than seven to eight years).
  • P2P lenders: It has been almost three years since P2P lending firms started in India. It’s a difficult business to get borrowers and lenders on the same platform.

P2P lending or more broadly digital lending is challenging traditional lenders globally though only till the time they become ...

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