Re-engage your users and Maximize Revenue via Trademob, that got $15 Mn Funding

Trademob is one of Europe’s leading expert in mobile app marketing. It's management team includes Ravi Kamran (CEO), Hillel Zidel, Florian Lutz and Sylvius Bardt. Alexander Franke, the company’s COO, was reported to have stepped down in June, 2013. Trademob has received a total funding of $15 Mn through investors Kennet Partners, Tengelmann Ventures and High-Tech Gruenderfonds. The company employs over 130 persons.

Trademob helps build an app marketing strategy from day one and finds the right media mix for every stage in the app marketing lifecycle. They plan, track and optimize your mobile media advertising across 230 mobile ad networks, RTB exchanges and media partners.

They provide 4 services:

  • Smartboost: This helps the user build or increase his app user base. SmartBoost pushes the user’s iOS app to the top of the App Store Charts, allowing him to benefit from thousands of new app users within 1-5 days, maximum brand exposure across 34 countries and guaranteed results for a fixed price.
  • Mobile Facebook Optimization: The Company says that facebook advertising enables powerful new targeting that can maximize conversion, specifically target committed users, and multiply ROI at minimal cost. Benefit from, engaged, high-quality app users, up to 80% lower costs of acquiring a quality user and heightened brand exposure.
  • Mobile Display Optimization: Broaden the reach of your mobile display inventory. We plan, track, and optimize your mobile advertising across 230 mobile ad networks, RTB exchanges, and media partners. You can benefit from, Maximum volume of new app users, Precise target groups and content channels, All campaign data presented on one dashboard.
  • Mobile Retargeting: The company’s website says that they offer Europe’s first app retargeting service powered by RTB. With this new service, you can win back your lost users, re-engage dormant users and maximize your mobile revenue. Benefit from Maximized active app users, Increased engagement and mobile revenue, Targeting users with tailored bespoke messages.

Trademob plans, tracks and optimizes mobile user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns across 230 mobile ad networks, RTB exchanges and media partners, reaching over 1 billion iOS and Android users.