Real Time Person to Person Payments added to U.S Bank through FISERV

On 28th April 2014, FIESRV - leading global provider of financial services technology solutions – announced that U.S. Bank has enhanced its existing person-to-person (P2P) payment service with an Instant Payment option, as well as the ability to request money and send personalized digital greeting cards along with payments.

Providing our customers with the latest digital banking and payment capabilities is a priority for U.S. Bank. It’s not just about the ‘wow’ factor associated with having the bells and whistles that no one else has, but about U.S. Bank being a trusted resource that our customers turn to first when they want to manage or move their money, said the VP of money movement at U.S. Bank, Brendan Devine.

  • The new features are available through U.S. Bank online and mobile banking.
  • It gives U.S. Bank users more ways to send, request or receive money using another person’s name and account number, email address or mobile phone number.
  • U.S. Bank is the first large bank in the country to offer real-time P2P payments online and through mobile devices using the Popmoney Instant Payments feature.
  • U.S. Bank is enabling the Instant Payment option using the Real Time Payment Service (RTPS) add-on module for the PEP+ solution from Fiserv.
  • This facilitates real-time payments via a direct connection to a bank’s core processing platform or DDA accounts.
  • U.S. Bank now also offers its users the ability to request money as a way to eliminate the awkwardness and hassle of collecting money from another person or a group.
  • Another enhancement recently offered by U.S. Bank enables users to make the gift of money much more personal.
  • Users select virtual cards to attach to payments made over email for special occasions such as birthdays, graduation or holiday gifts.

Designing payment solutions using a ‘real-time first’ mentality, which assumes that real-time is the ultimate standard of delivery, is a guiding principle in the ongoing Fiserv initiative to make faster payment options available to consumers, said Marc West, Sr. VP, Electronic Payments, Fiserv. The powerful combination of real-time and mobile opens new doors for adoption and use of person-to-person payments, and U.S. Bank is at the forefront of this trend.

Popmoney is currently offered at more than 2,000 banks and credit unions, more than 800 of which offer Popmoney via the Mobiliti™ mobile banking service from Fiserv. More than 150 financial institutions have signed up for the Popmoney Instant Payments feature.