Redesigned Mobile Card Reader PayPal Here released for Australia

PayPal has released its revamped PayPal Here credit card reading device for smartphones in Australia, with the new system to be generally available later this year. The company says that registrations for the new product are open from today, with devices scheduled to ship within the first half of the year.

It's been just over two years since PayPal launched its first version of the PayPal Here smartphone credit card swiper in Australia. Since then, the mobile credit card processing sector has become a little crowded, with other players such as MYOB and Square entering the fray – not to mention apps, such as iccPay, that allow vendors to process credit card payments directly on their phones without the use of a swiper at all.

However, one major point of differentiation for the new PayPal device is its Bluetooth connectivity, meaning it doesn't have to be physically attached to a vendor's smartphone. It has also been designed for Chip and Pin functionality, with the inclusion of a keypad allowing customers to enter their PINs.

PayPal says the new system allows businesses using the device to generate and distribute invoices along with the ability to log cash payments.

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