This report analyzes environmental regulations, and the financial markets for energy in Europe and, more specifically, Italy. It provides an outlook on green finance in Italy, within the larger context of Europe. The report is helpful for understanding the host of possibilities green finance brings to banks in the region, as also their role in boosting energy efficiency locally. A comprehensive report, it sheds light on the ABI Lab Survey and Guidelines, which include the responses of ten banks and financial institutions, to various environmental indicators.

As a result of the incontrovertible scientific proof of global warming, many protocols and guidelines have been issued across the world. The European Directives on Energy and the Environment were used to frame Italy’s national regulations on the same issue. Consequently, Italian banks have focused on ‘green banking’, in their role as financiers as well as their capacity of operating a large building stock distributed throughout the country. It is highly important to introduce instruments that can make the financial sector more sustainable. Doing so will help identify new areas of growth along with new methods to increase the stability of financial institutions, in addition to creating new financial products for customers.

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