India FinTech Report 2020 – Second Edition

In the footsteps of the astounding success of 2019’s first edition, we are elated to launch the second edition of India FinTech Report in 2020. It is a comprehensive study of the Indian FinTech ecosystem with over 120 pages. From our experience, we can tell you that it’s tough to contain the excitement and opportunity in Indian FinTech in just 120+ pages. India’s evolution as a progressive FinTech nation continues as regulation, technology, products, and services upgrade.

The report begins with an overview of the Indian FinTech landscape, FinTech statistics (funding, startups, partnerships), and initiatives by the government, which is followed by a deep-dive analysis of five core segments: WealthTech, Lending, InsurTech, Digital Payments, and Neobanking.


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Check out the Executive Summary of the India FinTech Report 2020

The report is structured in two sections: Core Segments and Emerging Opportunities.
The deep-dive analysis of each of the core segments covers the following:

Segment Overview

  • WealthTech
  • Lending
  • InsurTech
  • Digital Payments
  • Neobanking

The ‘Emerging Opportunities’ section covers

  • Open Banking. Financial Infrastructure APIs.
  • Blockchain (Overview, Consortiums, and Startup Ecosystem)
  • RegTech (Overview, Developments, and Adoption in Indian Banking)
  • Cybersecurity (Overview, Regulatory Initiatives, and Startups)

The report translates findings on these segments into recommendations for innovators, policymakers, financial services players, and other stakeholders in the FinTech ecosystem. With this report, we intend to drive a deeper understanding of the core FinTech segments and spark discussions about opportunities in emerging areas, where both the innovators and the financial services industry can benefit from collaboration.

MEDICI India FinTech Report in partnership with FCC of IAMAI is being released at GLOBAL FINTECH FEST (GFF)