35+ Restaurants and retail outlets that use Tablets as POS terminal in US

In the U.S, restaurants and retail outlets are increasingly embracing tablets, especially iPads as a preferred mode of conducting transactions and getting the feedback from the customers. Tablet based POS systems are bringing significant improvement over the traditional POS systems in terms of cost and technology used. Most of the traditional POS from vendors like POSitouch, Micros and Aloha run on architecture and are vulnerable to crash and performance slowdown, just like a PC.

One of the biggest drivers of mobile based POS is the power of delegating the data and computing power to the cloud. This is where tablets are set to bring a paradigm shift to the entire POS industry. They are cost-effective, can collect the buying data and make that data easily accessible to any computing system. They can be used to make payments, take surveys, provide coupons and notify consumers of offers.

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