Revel Systems Collaborates With Zapper to Provide Mobile Payment Solution for Restaurants

What if all POS systems accepted all kinds of mobile payment systems? While that might take a few years, Revel seems to be working in the right direction. Zapper is a mobile payments company that has partnered with Revel Systems, one of the leading iPad point-of-sale platforms, to broaden the reach of their mobile payment technology for restaurants.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Revel Systems, a company that shares our passion for creating a seamless experience for restaurants and diners alike, said Jim Hite, Chief Revenue Officer at Zapper, in a press release. Zapper was designed to build communities, drive increased restaurant revenue and provide a superior customer experience, and this partnership will help more restaurants experience that.

Restaurants using Revel’s point-of-sale system will now be able to easily activate Zapper as a mobile payment option for their customers. Diners will be able to scan a QR code on their bill with the help of Zapper and pay with the app. Zapper captures data related to the customers during this process and will use analytics to provide restaurants with the necessary tools to build a following and create targeted offers and promotions.

Revel’s POS system combines cloud-based technology with the innate processing capabilities of the iPad to provide a feature rich POS solution for restaurants, retail and grocery establishments. Offerings include real-time reporting, inventory tracking, integrated payroll, delivery management, customer relationship management, loyalty programs, digital menu boards, mobile payments, online ordering and gift cards.

Zapper’s partnership with Revel will give the restaurants a fully integrated pay-at-the-table mobile solution. Eventually, it will help them in speeding up service, reducing errors and fraud, and simplifying the payment process.

Point-of-sale systems are the central nervous systems of businesses, providing powerful tools to ease management and boost sales, and this integration with Zapper provides restaurateurs with a seamlessly integrated, cutting-edge mobile payment solution, said Lisa Falzone, Co-founder and CEO of Revel Systems in a press release. Revel is excited to work with Zapper to offer this forward-thinking integration solution to business owners.