Why Ripple Protocol is great? Exclusive Interview with Denis Kiselev, Founder SnapSwap

Denis Kiselev is the founder of SnapSwap that offers services in the virtual currencies space. SnapSwap was established in May, 2012. In January 2013, the company released, a marketplace for on-line games' currencies, in collaboration with IMVU that operates 100 million users virtual world. Since April 2013, the company has been developing gateway services for Ripple, a newly emerging math-based currency and open payment network.

Denis is an entrepreneur with substantial experience of Greenfield projects in commercial companies and public services and has a profound knowledge of finance, banking and insurance. In an exclusive interview with LTP, he shared the story of SnapSwap and his thoughts about the global virtual currency and online transactions market.

Topic: How and when was SnapSwap founded?

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