RisePay Collaborates with Spindle for its Payments Aggregation Technology

On 23rd June 2014, leading provider of mobile commerce solutions – Spindle Inc. – announced that it has signed a strategic agreement with RisePay, a developer of payment gateway systems for small businesses, service providers and mobile vendors.

'We believe that RisePay's merchant approval rate will significantly increase through use of Spindle's technology, allowing RisePay to grow its base of small business customers by a substantial quotient,' stated the CEO, Bill Clark, in a press release. 'Spindle will gain a sales channel that is focused on delivering a bundled payment processing offering to SMBs, which will also include mobile payments acceptance and mobile marketing,' he added.

  • With this collaboration, RisePay will integrate Spindle's payment aggregation technology into its proprietary gateway platform.
  • This will help differentiate its gateway services, and enable the company to quickly underwrite merchant applications as well as expand its penetration in the SMB market.
  • Headquartered in Irvine, CA, RisePay says that its platform offers a reliable, scalable payment gateway service that processes card payments for 'micro' businesses.
  • Its platform enables merchants to utilize smartphones as portable card-readers.
  • This provides them with additional leverage to compete with larger retailers.

'Our merchants are searching for simple, easy-to-implement solutions that let them accept card-based payments from anywhere -- while focusing on their businesses instead of payment processing issues. Many of these merchants are on-the-move or work in different spaces from week-to-week. Spindle's technology will help us enroll more of these vendors onto our platform, empowering them to accept card payments as efficiently as larger companies, commented the MD of RisePay, Anthony Ribas, in the same release. We look forward to collaborating with Spindle to grow this base together, and serve the multitude of small merchants that are looking for these solutions.'

About RisePay

RisePay is a unique payment-focused organization driven to satisfy the growing needs of business owners who accept credit cards and other electronic forms of payments anywhere, anytime they do business. Its business objective remains sensitive to value, price and competitive product and brand disruption that is both important and essential to its valued customers and partnerships.

About Spindle

Spindle is an innovator of mobile commerce solutions for financial services providers and consumer-facing merchants of all sizes. Spindle is focused on pioneering new ways for businesses to rapidly integrate mobile payments acceptance and mobile marketing services while empowering location-based merchant discovery, fulfillment and frictionless mobile payments for consumers. Spindle is dedicated to expanding beyond traditional electronic payment boundaries by offering cutting-edge solutions that allow clients, partners, merchants and consumers to take full advantage of the rapidly emerging mobile economy. Spindle has an extensive proprietary intellectual property portfolio -- which include patents pending -- that encompass networks, mobile payments, and security.