Roam targets enterprises with global footprint, via EMV ready mPOS ROAMmcm 5

Using handheld devices such as Smartphones and Tablets as POS, is gaining popularity with each passing day. The main reason behind the rise in popularity of Mpos is that it provides convenience to the users, and an opportunity for merchants to accept card payments. Jack Dorsey said in a conference that people had challenged him, what do you know about payments? And how are you going to succeed? He said that we will build something as users, with user experience in mind. And you have seen how successful Square has been so far at that. In our discussions with merchants, mPOS is clearly being liked and adopted at a large scale.

Still, many people are concerned about the security aspect associated with mass devices. To overcome this, ROAM launched its ROAMmcm 5 recently. It is one of the few enterprise-ready mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution and is EMV-ready, which enables businesses to quickly deploy and centrally manage global mPOS environments. ROAMmcm 5 was demonstrated for the first time in the U.S. at NRF in New York City earlier this month.

Roam merchant self service management portal will help malls, restaurants, cafes, & small business owners to easily manage their business from one centralized location. Roamcm5 supports EMV-Europay, Mastercard and Visa at POS terminals for authenticating credit and debit card transactions, which will provide flexibility to merchants and business to look beyond the business geography and expands abroad. This easy-to-use portal provides merchants with the ability to board sub- merchants, customize receipts, issue refunds, export and analyze transaction data, and more. With this solution merchants have the more control they need to successfully run their day-to-day business. ROAM can capitalise on Ingenico reach outside USA which will help them in successfully deploying the ROAMmcm 5 outside the US. In 2009 ngenico created Ingenico Ventures to invest in the mobile payment chain through the acquisition of minority interests (strategic investments in Roam Data). One of the most important reasons behind security concern in customers and retailers is that; the card is swiped and the data remains unencrypted while performing a transaction. Without encryption of data hackers can take an advantage of mobile POS device capturing credit card information of the user. ROAMmcm 5 provides the user with end to end encryption which helps in performing the transactions securely and effectively.

Mpos users had a complaint of lack of visibility and control on devices performing transactions. To overcome this problem ROAMmcm5 addressed the security and management problem to a large extent by enabling The ROAM Mobile Commerce Manager is built for EMV, it gives service providers the real- time control necessary to effectively manage risk, oversee mobile point of sale (mPOS) payment terminals, and builds their base of transacting merchants while establishing their brand presence.

Following are the features of ROAM mobile:-

  • User management capabilities allowing you to remotely disable access to the application on a mobile device
  • Application access and configuration via PIN-based secure user authentication
  • Localization services with multiple language options and currency types, enabling you to meet the unique needs of merchants worldwide
  • Reduce fraud risk by setting up custom risk profiles and pre-processing controls;
  • Integrate with back-end enterprise systems such as inventory, accounting, and ERP;
  • View real-time reports of all transactions, refunds and account activity

According to Ken Paull, CEO of ROAM ROAMmcm 5 masks that complexity and can handle a broad array of geographic requirements. That is a must-have for our global customers, who can now make a one-time investment in our platform and be instantly equipped for mobile payments in multiple countries. ROAMmcm 5 is released in US in limited numbers, and will be generally available by the end of Q1 2014.