Role of Banks in the World of P2P and Digital Wallet Payments: A PayCLT Event

On Friday June 17, 2016, PayCLT reconvened in The Garage at Packard Place in Charlotte, NC for their bi-weekly meeting where local industry experts gather to discuss the latest trends in FinTech, payments, and the future of banking. Normally a host to industry experts who give a presentation on a specific segment of the FinTech world, the pace was changed this week as PayCLT switched to a debate-style format in which the room was divided into two teams to discuss a hot topic in the FinTech world. The topic at hand was the role of banks in the P2P payment marketplace and digital wallet marketplace with the teams being pro-bank and pro-third party, meaning one team supported an active involvement of banks in the P2P payment and digit ...

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