Rubikomm & SLA Mobile Team Up to offer Carrier Billing to Zain Subscribers

SLA Mobile, a global mobile solutions provider at the forefront of the mobile payments market has partnered with Rubikomm, a VAS provider in the Middle East and Africa, to allow Zain subscribers to utilise Rubikomm’s offering through Direct Operator Billing.

Rubikomm is a subsidiary of the well-known European vendor Evisteland and have solutions installed in more than 15 countries and 25 operators globally, serving over 450 million subscribers. Rubikomm works to partner with its customers and lead them into the future.

Wissam Sabha, CCO at Rubikomm, said in an official press release: Partnering with SLA Mobile is a natural move for Rubikomm and fits into our vision of serving our communities and leading our customers into the future by enabling Zain subscribers to purchase products and services from Rubikomm using Direct Operator Billing.

Amelia Power, Head of Sales and Marketing at SLA Mobile, said in an official press release: SLA Mobile is committed to providing Zain subscribers with a multitude of applications for Direct Operator Billing in order to ensure that subscribers are given a safe and seamless payment experience online. We look forward to growing this partnership with Rubikomm into a fruitful and prosperous relationship.

Recently, SLA Mobile signed an agreement with Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle), a leading IT management solutions company, to bring together managed Digital Services to the African market. Blue Turtle is a South African Enterprise Technology company focused on optimizing, enhancing and leveraging existing IT investment. Their expertise within the IT, mobile and service management markets has given them the status of industry leaders in South Africa.

SLA Mobile, a white labelled mobile solutions provider, is working with both global operators and merchants, will leverage their relationship with Blue Turtle to bring a host of managed Digital Services including Direct Operator Billing and Identity Management to the African and LATAM markets.