Samsung Plans to Launch Budget Handsets Compatible With Samsung Pay and Fingerprint Scanners

Samsung plans to integrate higher-end features, including its mobile payment solution Samsung Pay and fingerprint sensors, in budget smartphone models, according to The Korea Herald.

Samsung is planning to deploy fingerprint sensors in budget smartphone models, an industry source said.

Only a handful of high-end smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S series, the latest Note lineup and some of the Galaxy A models sport the swipe or area fingerprint sensors utilized to unlock the handsets and authenticate users for mobile applications. According to the source, a major obstacle for the adoption of the biometric sensor in the affordable handsets will be finding a way to deal with the costs associated with the component.

Samsung tops 14 out of 15 emerging smartphone markets including Indonesia, Turkey and Egypt, according to market researcher Strategic Analytics. The company’s market shares in Turkey, Romania, the Netherlands and Portugal stood at more than 40%. In Egypt, Samsung scooped up a 53% market share.

Samsung launched Samsung Pay in the United States on September 28. A secure and easy-to-use mobile payment service, Samsung Pay works almost anywhere where a card can be swiped or tapped. Samsung Pay launched initially in South Korea on August 20. Since its launch in South Korea, Samsung says an average of 25,000 new users is signing up daily. The company is seeing more than $620,000 in transactions on an everyday basis.

Samsung plans to roll out the service in the UK, Spain and China, with partners to be named in each market.

About Samsung Pay:

Samsung Pay is a simple and safe mobile payment service from Samsung Electronics. Combining NFC with Samsung’s proprietary MST technologies, Samsung Pay provides consumers a way to pay at millions of merchant locations worldwide. Samsung continues to strategically expand its partnership ecosystem for Samsung Pay to provide greater flexibility, access and choice for customers while enabling an easy and safe payment experience. To learn more, click here.

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