Samsung ties up with PayPal for NFC Smart Ticket at Music Events

Samsung recently sponsored a series of live gigs. This may not be news. Whats interesting though is that the fans attending the concert are making use of NFC technology at the arena to make purchases and store tickets with their smartphones.

Samsung says that its Smart Ticket brings technology to the forefront of music and brings the fans closer to their artists. Here is a video showing how it works:

The Smart Ticket offers an exclusive experience for users:

  • Prior to the live event, users would have access to news, info and video feeds from the artists.

  • Ticket information and venue details are stored to keep the user informed on when and where their event is happening.

  • Samsung offers free WiFi access during the event that enables users to tweet and post photos that are shared on their interactive screen. This is done through their app.

  • Users can access venue maps, apply for competitions and even experience Makelight – a technology that provides an interactive light show by syncing all devices during the artists’ set.

  • Samsung offers a new way to pay using the NFC device only. The company partnered with PayPal for this purpose. Users are able to purchase merchandise, food & beverages with cashless technology.

'It is great to see the largest smartphone manufacturer Samsung take the initiative with a technology which also enhances the most important relationship in music, that between artist and fan,' said Brian Message, Chairman at Music Managers forum. 'We look forward to smart tickets becoming as natural to buying a concert ticket as downloads have become to buying recordings' he added.

LTP View: Samung continues to experiment,innovate and make headway in the payments space. In 2012 the company had tried out RFID Wristbands to replace traditional tickets at a Red Hot Chilli Peppers gig at Knebworth. At the time,they had also announced plans of working with NFC smartphones for ticketing in the future which as we can see has happened.