Samsung Wallet App, launched in USA

Samsung as a company 'Leaves no Stone un-turned.' Samsung has done what it does best i.e. innovate on the existing set of product by its competitors and launch a similar product to grab its pie of the market share. Earlier this week, Samsung launched an Android based Wallet app named Samsung Wallet which has a strong resemblance to Apple's Passbook.

The accessibility of this app is restricted to usage in US. Samsung Wallet acts just like what your physical wallet does; it helps the user manage coupons, event tickets, boarding passes, loyalty coupons, etc. Transportation providers such as Amtrak, Lufthansa, etc and retailers such as, Walgreens,,,, etc. are accepting transactions through Samsung Wallet.

Early adopters have already shared their views on Samsung Wallet. The news is that Samsung Wallet has a strong resemblance to Apple’s Passbook. Samsung has also restricted the use of access to its Galaxy line of devices which include Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung Wallet is now available for public to download at Google Play’s marketplace for Android Smartphone Apps. You can download the app here.

LTP View: Samsung as a company likes to take risks and sees if it pays off. This has been the company’s approach in dealing with its competitors. Samsung may not come up with anything new but they do have a keen eye on how things work, classifies what works best and launches a similar offering in the market. This strategy has paid off well for Samsung and you bet there will not be any change in their strategy moving forward.

Source: Amini Amon