Samsung wants to do its own Apple Pay soon

Samsung had NFC in its phones before Apple. It also brought some payment applications (like the Paypal app with biometrics in Galaxy S5) before Apple. But it is Apple Pay which is taking the world by storm. Apple Pay worked with card networks, banks, merchant partnerships to make contactless payments happen. Not to talk about the 800 mn+ cards on file and the customer education that is happening currently. At the center of all this is Touch ID for verification, NFC for payment and Tokenization as well. Samsung is furious and wants to strike back. Now as we all know Apple will start Apple Pay payments next month, but we also have unconfirmed news that Samsung is bringing its own (and similar) system in next few months. It could be all in one big launch at MWC or it (mobile payments and not Watch based payments) could be earlier than that.

A couple of weeks ago, Samsung had released a new sma ...

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