Satispay to Connect Directly to Cash Registers

  • Old Wild West and Wiener Haus the firsts to accept Satispay payments directly via cash registers.
  • Satispay will be available in more than 160 Old Wild West restaurants by autumn 2016. The mobile payment system is already available in three Old Wild West restaurants in Udine, and by the end of this month, will be introduced to 20 other point-of-sales in Milan and Turin.
  • The integration with Gruppo Zucchetti’s TCPOS cash registers is part of the larger strategy by Satispay to provide a significantly less expensive e-payment system compatible with all businesses regardless of the used devices, from smartphone to card reader to computer or cash register.

Milan and Udine, 11 July 2016 – Satispay, a young Italian company that has radically redefined mobile payments, has reached a new milestone by allowing a direct and fast communication between the stores’ cash registers and the app on their customers’ smartphones. Specifically, the integration was developed thanks to the collaboration with Cigierre – Compagnia Generale Ristorazione SpA, owner of brands such as Old Wild West and Wiener Haus, Gruppo Zucchetti, supplier of the cash register software, and G.T.N. SpA, the integrator company that strictly collaborates with Cigierre.

Satispay’s payment method is characterized by a complete independence from service providers and banks as well as from credit cards. Instead, the app connects to the user’s bank account using the more secure IBAN code. The once complex and costly payment process has thus been transformed by an app that is:

  • SIMPLE: It makes it possible to transfer money to phone contacts and pay in shops with as little effort as sending a message through WhatsApp.
  • INEXPENSIVE: Thanks to its independence from traditional payment circuits, Satispay is free for private users and extremely convenient for businesses. With no activation costs nor monthly fees, merchants are only asked for a fixed commission of 0.20€ on transactions above 10€ (payments below 10€ are free of charge).

Old Wild West and Wiener Haus will be the first brands to accept their customers’ payments directly from the cash register. The payment integration is already active in three Old Wild West restaurants in Udine and will be available in the restaurants in Turin and Milan in the upcoming weeks. Satispay will be introduced to the chain’s 160 points-of-sale across the country by the end of Autumn 2016.

The announcement of the integration with Gruppo Zucchetti’s TCPOS cash register software has arrived just shortly after Satispay’s integration with Ingenico POS payment terminals (which will be operational in 83,000 stores belonging to Banca di Credito Cooperativo’s business clients). Once again, Satispay confirms its ability to create alternative payment systems that can be adopted regardless of the traditional payment device used in-store; from POS to PC and now, even the cash register’s software. The aim is to allow merchants to reduce the fees linked to electronic payments, increasing the penetration of the system.

Cigierre Group once more proves itself as the market leader and technological pioneer in the food service industry. Always striving to improve customer experience across a number of channels, the Friuli-based company is continuously adopting new technologies and anticipating the market.

Innovation is in Cigierre’s DNA, says Marco Apollonio, Manager of the company’s Business Innovation Unit, We devote many resources to providing our clients with an original and satisfying consumer experience in all aspects from product to location to service. This year, we decided, among other things, to focus on improving the payment experience, aiming to eliminate queues and to allow our customers to feel comfortable leaving the house to dine out without a wallet or cash in their pockets.

One of this year’s initiatives linked to the digital payments world is Cigierre’s successful collaboration with Satispay. The direct communication between the app and the cash register system, which we strongly wanted and developed with our partners, is central to minimizing the check-out phase for customers and simplifying the process for our staff: with a touch, the customer is able to send money from the app and with a touch, the payment is confirmed from the cash register. Our customers will receive their receipt in the blink of an eye, ready to enjoy the rest of their day.

An efficient and quick integration was obviously made possible thanks to Gruppo Zucchetti, supplier of Cigierre’s cash register software, who worked closely with Satispay to find the ideal solution.

Angelo Guaragni, Head of Zucchetti’s Food Service and Hospitality Solutions, added, Our collaboration with Cigierre has once again led to the introduction of innovative features in our TCPOS software. We can now support all of our clients in introducing Satispay, which is the most conveniently priced electronic payment system to date. Our mission is to follow and anticipate technological evolutions in order to bring the emerging benefits to our customers. The growth of alternatives to the traditional payment circuits is now a clear trend. This is why we believe it was important to be able to integrate Satispay with our TCPOS, which is currently installed in approximately 6,000 points in Italy and 40,000 worldwide.

Alberto Dalmasso, Co-founder and CEO of Satispay concluded, When we initially thought about the focal point of our independent payment system, we had a very clear idea of the problem that we wanted to solve: Satispay would eliminate the inconvenience of cash by allowing everyone, both private users and businesses, to manage payments with a simple and convenient app. What we yet didn’t know at the time was the impact that the cost of traditional payment circuits had on businesses. Today, Satispay has roughly 50 new businesses signing up per day. Approximately 65% of transactions made are in-store payments, which in turn often lead to peer-to-peer payments as users often divide the bill for a meal or a gift.

We therefore, aim to facilitate, in any way possible, all businesses in adopting Satispay. Downloading the app is still ideal for individuals and independent merchants; however, for large chains and structured businesses, it is critical that we are able to integrate it with any device that is already in use: whether it be the POS terminal, PC and now even the cash register software. It is our pleasure to collaborate with an important partner like Cigierre, which understood the innovation necessary in realising the solution that would generate significant benefits for restaurant owners and customers. It is a great satisfaction and a further step towards our ultimate goal of changing the payment culture."

Beyond revolutionizing payment technology, Satispay has also fostered a cultural change that has transformed everyday habits of individuals, establishing a foundation for new trade models and interactions between customers and vendors.


Founded in Udine in 1995, Cigierre – Compagnia Generale Ristorazione S.p.A. – is acknowledged to be the Italian point of reference for casual dining and the development of restaurants in franchising or directly operated.

Cigierre owns several brands and formats: Old Wild West, Wiener Haus, Arabian Kebab, Kukkuma and Shi’S. The flagship format, Old Wild West, is a steakhouse concept renowned for its rich offer of hamburgers and Argentinian and Irish grilled meats. The company is committed to a strong expansion strategy that envisages 25 new openings per year. To date, Cigierre has more than 190 stores directly owned and franchised. Cigierre’s international stores are located in Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Georgia and soon in France.


With more than 3.150 employees, a nationwide distribution network exceeding 1.100 Partners and more than 105.000 customers, Zucchetti Group is one of the most important Italian companies in the IT sector. Zucchetti offers a range of products that is unmatched in Italy and Europe, allowing customers to gain major competitive advantages and to rely on a single partner for all their IT needs. Zucchetti has TCPOS, a leading provider of IT solutions in the hospitality and retail industries, which recently launched ZMenu, the complete management software for operators in the field of food and catering.


Satispay is a mobile payment system that allows users to transfer money using an alternative network that doesn’t rely on credit and debit cards. The service is efficient, free and secure. Available for download on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, Satispay can be used by anyone with a bank account. Sending money to phone contacts and paying in stores (online and physical) is as easy sending a message or checking-in on social media. Satispay SpA is an innovative startup and the result of the hard work of a young Italian team. To date, the company has received investments from both institutional and private investors and raised €8.5 million.