Say Hello to your Shopping Companion at Wantworthy, Raised $1.02 Mn

Wantworthy lets users save the products they want from any site as they’re shopping online and gives them a place to organize, compare and get feedback from friends. Wantworthy was Co-Founded in 2011 by Lauren McDevitt and Josh Wais. The company has received a total funding of $1.02 Mn through investors Techstars, Social Starts, RRE Ventures, Google Ventures, Quotidian Ventures and The Iron Yard.

  • After you sign up and follow your favorite stores, you’re shown a stream of new products which match your interests.
  • The app walks you through a sign-up flow where it attempts to identify what kind of shopper you are through a brief Q&A where you tap on answers to identify your style and favorite stores.
  • The app also features other sections like popular new arrivals and an editorially curated Fresh Picks, where product selections are organized into categories such as Accessory Candy, Bows not Bros, iPhone Bling, Quirky Cool, When I’m Rich, and more.
  • This helps to build out your personalized home feed.

Fresh App lets you:

  • Browse new arrivals from the best stores.
  • Follow your favorite stores to see all their new arrivals in one juicy feed
  • Check out our Fresh Picks lists like When I’m Rich, Accessory Candy and Bows not Bros
  • Save products you like for later and send them to friends
  • Share your list of favorite products and never get a bad birthday gift again!
  • Buy all of your must-haves right from the app.

We wanted a simple tool that let us keep everything we wanted in one place and made the shopping experience easy, beautiful and more fun, said Lauren McDevitt. We believe that shopping is deeply personal and helps each one of us craft our identity. Wantworthy will always be a safe haven for you (and us) to keep and enjoy the things we want.