Scouting for the Top 21 Blockchain Startups in the World: The Hunt Starts on MEDICI

There hasn’t been a more difficult time to cut through the clutter and succeed for a startup than in 2016. At the same time, there hasn’t been a time richer with opportunities. The international startup community is growing at an outstanding pace and financial technology is a segment of particular interest for investors and startups alike given its disruptive power.

However, even with technology enablers like insanely useful APIs, the landscape is so saturated and so intensely competitive that bright entrepreneurs need to get creative to cut corners and hit the goldmine before other do. A vast ecosystem of VC firms, accelerators and dedicated challenges has developed around the world to aid startups in that journey.

However, even with a limitless range of supporters, a narrow focus and the right choice of the most suitable challenge or accelerator program and VCs who believe is vital to take a startup along the long road. In the variety of opportunities, there is one criterion that one can always rely on – experience.

Throughout the 3 years of dedicated deep research in the FinTech space, the LTP team has explored, defined and shaped the global FinTech startup ecosystem unlike anyone else. It established the foundation to build MEDICI - the ultimate FinTech platform for collaborative innovation with more than 3,900 startups profiled (and the number is growing). We have written about and covered 2000+ startups in our articles and our global team has extensive experience interacting with startups and exchanging ideas on a daily basis.

As a result of the direct interactions and domain depth, the LTP team has developed a keen, well-tuned methodology for evaluating highly potent ideas, products and businesses in various segments of FinTech.

Launching the Top-21 Global Blockchain Startups Award

Our loyalty to the FinTech startup community comes from our belief in its outstanding potential to enhance our lives. We are always looking for innovative solutions, the next big things and the most promising players.

The latest breakthrough in FinTech is blockchain technology. Even with a relatively short history, blockchain has gained significant attention and traction among financial institutions and tech companies looking to apply the technology to a variety of problems. LTP has performed deep research on blockchain applications for financial institutions to uncover a variety of financial and non-financial use cases.

As the LTP team has been exploring and sharing the opportunities for blockchain applications across industries, we have accumulated a critical mass of knowledge on the blockchain startup ecosystem to now launch the MEDICI Top 21 – Blockchain Award to identify and showcase the most innovative startups who are applying distributed ledger technology to take innovation across industries to the next level.

The MEDICI Top 21 – Blockchain Award has been launched to recognize the best blockchain startups in the world selected from thousands of applications from 55+ countries.

How does it work?

The application is automatically submitted when a startup fills out its rocket profile on After the profiles are registered and completed, MEDICI analysts will identify the Top 100 blockchain startups based on company-specific metrics.

At this point, MEDICI analysts have already pre-selected and invited 30 blockchain startups out of the future pool of 100 companies.

After rigorous screening and completion of the top 100 blockchain startups, the final step will be performed by MEDICI’s resident blockchain experts in cooperation with industry thought leaders to identify the MEDICI Top 21 Blockchain Startups.

The Final Step - Announcement of the Winners

As the industry professionals and LTP’s in-house experienced blockchain analysts will choose the finalists, MEDICI Top 21 Blockchain Startup results will be presented to the global FinTech community and the 60k+ LTP audience.

And there is more!

All applicants will receive complimentary access to the MEDICI startup plan for 1 year - that is a $900 value! In addition, the companies will receive ongoing LTP media coverage.

And most importantly, companies will receive premium exposure on MEDICI as featured Rocket Profiles, which will be visible to more than 75 FinTech investors, 50+ banks and hundreds of financial institutions globally.

To create a profile and kick off your outstanding success among the best, go to and fill out the information about your company.

Stay tuned for further updates and notifications, as the MEDICI team will continue the quest of identifying and exposing top startups across all FinTech segments. Find out more about the MEDICI Top-21 Blockchain Award and other upcoming MEDICI Top 21 Awards here: