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SDK.finance Announces RESTful API Release


SDK.finance is proud to announce a white-label RESTful API release. SDK.finance offers payments and transaction management solution which allows banks & other financial institutions accelerate their digital growth.

The current 1.24.70 version grants access to 70 APIs for transaction-related products. It enables developers of banks and other financial institutions to operate with client profiles management, business process management, accounts, e-wallets, invoices, payments, recurring payments, P2P money transfers, prepaid & mass payments. A number of back-offices for different business actors like CFO, Compliance & Anti-fraud are available from the box. Depending on the user’s need multiple products can be built on the top of SDK.finance API: mobile bank, payment services, digital wallet, P2P money transfer, currency exchange and many others.

CTO of SDK.finance, Pavlo Sidelov said, “Transformation of back-end in line with front-end innovation is a burning issue for the vast majority of banks and financial institutions. This is the challenge we are addressing with the launch of our APIs. Product teams & developers can easily integrate our APIs into the existing infrastructure linking the core banking system with its innovative front-end components. This is the first version and we are planning to expand our set of APIs up to 80 within the next two months. Loyalty API will be the first added to the list.”

About SDK.finance:

SDK.finance solution combines a multi-product FinTech platform and a flagship marketplace for FinTech APIs. The FinTech platform enables financial institutions, banks, and major merchants to decrease CAPEX 90% and launch financial products 5-10 times faster comparing to current industry standards. The first-of-a-kind marketplace of FinTech APIs brings together top-notch technology providers and existing best-in-class development tools to create unique FinTech products.



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