Seamless and PCMS Collaborate to Boost SEQR’s Presence in UK and US

On 16th June 2014, Swedish mobile payments provider – Seamless – announced an agreement with the PCMS group, in order to grow the business of both companies by taking mobile payments to ‘the next level’.

What struck us about PCMS is how forward-thinking and innovative they are in order to meet their customer’s needs. They consistently deliver what their retailers are looking for, stated Seamless CEO, Peter Fredell, in a press release. The agreement between PCMS and Seamless is a key component for big retailers in the UK and the US waiting to activate SEQR, he added.

Seamless is on a roll:

  • In December 2013, the company had partnered with Swedish pharmacy chain Apotek Hjartat to help integrate its mobile wallet solution at the chain stores.
  • In March this year, McDonald’s Sweden integrated the mobile wallet solution based on Seamless’s SEQR solution.
  • In May, their solution went live at Finland’s largest hamburger chain, Hesburger.

What this Collaboration Entails:

  • This agreement with the world leading supplier of software and services to the retail trade – PCMS - further strengthens SEQR’s presence on the two strategic markets: the UK and the US, states the company.
  • PCMS is a key point of sales provider for top tier retailers in the US and the UK.
  • This includes John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Arcadia, Waterstones and Walgreens among others.
  • The collaboration opens up PCMS large client base on both markets, according to the release.

PCMS are delighted to be partnering with Seamless. Our dealings so far have been very positive and initial feedback from our customers has been superb, commented the Group Sales & Marketing Director at PCMS, Richard Goodall, in the same release. The speed of change in the payments industry is stunning and SEQR seem to be at the forefront of innovation. Our clients need payment solutions for all devices across their many sales channels.

About SEQR:

This video gives you an overview:

  • According to Seamless, SEQR is the only mobile payment solution on the Swedish market that allows consumers to pay in stores and online.
  • SEQR enables anybody with a smartphone to pay in stores, at restaurants, parking lots and online, transfer money at no charge, store receipts digitally and receive offers and promotions directly through one mobile app.
  • Through the SEQR-app, the user scans a QR-code (or taps incase of NFC) and confirms with a personal pin-code.
  • No information is sent between the mobile and the cashier which makes SEQR safer as a method of payment compared to cash or cards.
  • Seamless says that its solution is Fast, smooth and safe.
  • SEQR’s payment solution allows merchants to lower interchange fees significantly compared to those charged by traditional card companies.
  • New Features were recently added to SEQR’s all in one solution. Users can now skip another card and connect merchants loyalty programs directly to the SEQR app.
  • This is in addition to paying online/ in stores, make peer to peer transfers, redeem offers, save digital receipts, donate to charity and paying for parking.

About Seamless:

Seamless was Founded in 2001 and is active in 30 countries. The company handles more than 3.1 Bn transactions every year through 525,000 active sales outlets. SEQR has seen wide adoption and is available at Sweden’s biggest grocery chains, fast food chains and national retailer chains including Apotek Hjartat, Ur&Penn & Hemköp.