Security vs. Convenience: Do You Still Need to Choose One or the Other?

Concerns over the security of online shopping have been around as long as the Internet and for good reason. The initial steps into making online payments were painful. A lack of security was obvious with the first plaintext implementations. Even today, people are still rightly cautioned about sharing their credit card information with anyone that does not have an immediate need for it.

Not only that, according to a study performed by Auriemma Consulting Group, consumer anxiety over having their credit card number compromised (stolen) rises in correlation with the value of the online purchase. About 85% of consumers that participated in a recent poll said that security was more important than speed if they were making a $100 purchase. But when the same group was asked about a $5 purchase, only 70 were still more concerned about security. But are these fears still founded in reality?

In recent years, along wi ...

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