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Seeloz brings Mobile Couponing for Small and Medium Businesses


Seeloz is enabling mobile couponing as a new initiative by launching both retailer and manufacturer side of its platform. The consumer facing side of Seeloz platform is dubbed as Mixawallet which is set to release next month. Seeloz uses customer’s transactional data and loyalty program data to send more relevant offers to customers and businesses. This has been made possible via the company's next generation Hyper-local Shopper Engagement platform which leverages data-science to target consumers with hyper-personal, hyper-local offers.

MixaWallet is a mobile digital wallet that enables shoppers to consolidate their existing loyalty programs, receive customized offers, and learn more about loyalty programs. Shoppers can access their digital wallet via mobile app or the MixaWallet site to view offers and change preferences. Shoppers using MixaWallet can then easily receive and redeem these customized offers at exactly the right time and place.

Seeloz is also partnering with Radius Networks for the launch of Mixawallet. The company will be leveraging Radius Networks' proximity platform as a core part of its offering.

Seeloz leverages the power of data science and integrates it into predictive modelling and marketing process to revolutionize the way retailers/manufacturers engage with customers. The company provides a digital marketing platform that uses predictive analytics to deliver personalized messages and promotional offers. Seeloz enables direct personalized consumer targeting for enabling one-to-one engagement at point of decision.

For retailers, Seeloz empower the engagement cycle by leveraging hyper-local targeting workflows using self-learning and self-empowering platform. With this, retail drivers such as basket size, foot traffic and customer loyalty gets converted into optimized ROI. For manufacturers, Seeloz platform provides a clear picture of how a given product is performing at specific retail locations. Manufacturers get the ability to collaborate with retailers in designing promotions targeted as per behaviour and preferences of shoppers. By integrating the Seeloz platform into marketing process, manufacturers can easily gain visibility into new levels of shopper behavior, enhance in-store engagement, empower retailer collaboration models, and ultimately increase sales and gross profit.

"Businesses of every size are sitting on mountains of data: transactional data, customer data and loyalty program data, but are not effectively putting this data to use. Much like the coupons and daily deals industry, loyalty programs have fallen short of their goals, disappointing both retailers and consumers," says Dr. Mohamed Aly, founder and CEO of Seeloz. "Seeloz is addressing these issues, providing a platform whereby retailers and manufacturers are effectively achieving their business objectives and consumers are being offered promotions that are truly appealing and valuable while also improving the overall in-store shopping experience aside from simply chasing advancements at check-out."



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