Sequent Closes Funding to Drive Growth in Mobile Wallets

Sequent Software, the leading innovator of digital issuance and wallet platform-as-a-service, announced that it has closed a new round of funding to support its expansion into global markets. Banks, payment processors, OEMs and mobile operators use Sequent solutions to deploy their own, branded, mobile payment, loyalty, access control and transit solutions. Consumers can make secure mobile payments in-store and in-app with the apps they love from their preferred card issuers.

Sequent has had the vision to develop and patent solutions such as the open wallet platform via APIs, loyalty and coupon support via single-tap NFC payments and on-device security for HCE, said Sequent Board Member David Haines. Sequent’s products support the next wave of development in the wallet space, managing the complexity of mobile payments so that thousands of apps can use simple APIs to make payments at any store.

Founded only five years ago, Sequent has deployed commercial mobile payment systems for major global banks and mobile phone operators on four continents. Sequent was one of the first companies to add Host Card Emulation (HCE) to its product offering and package it with a full security suite. And Sequent is the only company providing an open wallet platform with APIs so developers can add NFC payment functionality to existing mobile apps.

About Sequent

Sequent is the world’s leading provider of digital issuance and mobile wallet platform-as-a-service that delivers secure mobile payments and value-added services to banks, mobile operators, merchants and access control providers. With Sequent, customers can extend digitized cards to trusted applications for an open ecosystem of partners and developers while maintaining the strictest requirements of highly secure, regulated industries. Sequent products include: Open Wallet Platform, Digital Issuance and Trust Authority. Sequent is endorsed and used by major customers on four continents. For more information visit .