Serial Entrepreneurs on the way to create India's Stripe, meet Zwitch

Never stopped being Entrepreneurs and never left the Payments space, meet Zwitch founders Anish Achuthan and Mabel Chacko. Anish is a true startup guy, decided really early that he wanted to build a company of his own. He went through the real struggle, has slept in creepy places, and eaten temple Prasadam to make the two ends meet. His never fading smile reflects the enthusiasm that an entrepreneur must wear everyday. Infact, on this entrepreneurial journey he met his soulmate, and business partner Mabel Chacko. Its like the Romeo and Juliet story 2.0 from the tech world (ask them when you meet).

What I really liked about Anish/Mabel is that when one idea didn't work they moved on to do crazier things and never got afraid of trying out. India startup scene is changing in more ways than one could imagine. Thanks to people like Anish and Mabel who believed in Pivoting. 10 years back in India, lot of entrepreneurs would stick to the what they started even after the technology or business became outdated as long as the revenue kept kicking in. To pivot or to close-and-start-afresh was not a very popular proposition in India. Similarly new entrepreneurs in India are building global products and businesses from India. Zwitch has plans to go international. They ...

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