SessionM Launches Self Service Audience Acquisition Platform

Yesterday (5th June, 2014), leader in mobile loyalty and monetization – SessionM – announced the launch of a new self-service audience acquisition platform called SessionM OnDemand. This solution enables mobile app developers to acquire high quality installs at a fraction of typical market rates. 'To date we have focused our efforts on helping publishers recognize, reward and retain their most valuable users. We are now helping them acquire more of these power users on a positive ROI basis,' stated Chief Revenue Officer of SessionM, Bill Clifford, in a press release.

  • With the cost of acquiring users rising, the company says that app marketers are putting more of an emphasis on buying quality installs rather than quantity.
  • SessionM powers a loyalty platform for an expansive network of apps in all categories.
  • As a result of this, the company is able to identify and segment the most active, loyal as well as engaged mobile users on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • These Power Users represent the top 33% of users who drive 80% of all in-app activity and revenue, generating the highest lifetime value.
  • Developers who have integrated SessionM’s loyalty platform have seen a 22% higher retention rate and two-times increase in engagement among users acquired via SessionM’s Network compared to other audience acquisition channels, says the company.
  • Leading mobile app marketing platform – Fiksu - is one of SessionM's largest buyers of app installs.
  • It is also a beta partner for buying installs via SessionM OnDemand.

'SessionM has been a great user acquisition channel for our clients, consistently delivering some of the highest lifetime value users amongst our channel partners,' commented VP of Business Development at Fiksu, Steve Bagdasarian, in a press release. 'We are excited to use their new self-service platform to automate the setup process, increase our buying efficiency, as well as leverage their data and insights to further improve our campaigns' performance,' he added. SessionM OnDemand:

  • SessionM OnDemand offers targeting based on SessionM’s first party registration data to maximize conversion rates.
  • This enables developers to access a robust reporting dashboard permitting for real time campaign optimization.
  • The service will launch with standard display ad support with CPC and CPI pricing models.
  • Developers can also leverage SessionM’s Full Screen, HD video product to market app trailers on a Cost Per View basis.
  • This product will be available through the OnDemand service in Q3, says the company.
  • The platform also features a robust reporting dashboard, allowing all developers to optimize their own campaigns in real-time.