Sharp and Edgy: Switzerland’s FinTech Ecosystem

The one country that will be ahead of the world in terms of innovations is Switzerland. Ranked with the highest score of 68.3, the country holds the first place in GII ranking out of 141 countries. The second place is held by the UK with a score of 62.42.

Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands and the USA are the world’s five most-innovative nations while Sudan, Togo, Guinea, Myanmar and Yemen are the least innovative ones.

Data source: Global Innovation Index Report 2015

The year 2015 is not the first year Switzerland has held the first place as the most innovative nation. In fact, the country’s position has been steady since 2012. It may seem surprising, but one of the important metrics of innovative nations is stability. According to the GII report, the steadiness has allowed Switzerland to remain on top for the fifth consecutive year and for the composition of the top 25 economies to continue mostly unchanged.

Switzerland’s FinTech ecosystem

The following are some of the most successful and promising FinTech companies in Switzerland. The list is certainly not exhaustive but demonstrates the rich and vibrant ecosystem of the most innovative nation in the world.

Centralway is a mobile banking platform that provides bank transactions & asset management services to the users. Centralway Numbrs offers its users the ability to control their banking transactions easily and securely from their smartphones.

FinanceFox gives you the option to manage and optimize all your insurances in one app. Current insurances are retrievable with one click and you can get personal advice in order to optimize your policies.

Avance Pay is a Swiss high-tech company that specializes in innovative NFC-based payment and transaction solutions.

Wealthport AG is a Swiss company that enables people to prepare data in an automated self-service fashion.

Knip is an innovative digital insurance manager that allows users an easy-to-understand overview and analysis of existing insurance policies, tariffs and services.

Monetas is a software technology company based in Switzerland. Monetas develops technologies that empower people to live and do business with greater freedom than ever before along with technologies that make financial inclusion a reality.

Ikentoo is an iPad-based cash register system for restaurants, bars, etc. iKentoo SA is a Computer Software company located in 25 Rue de Monthoux, Geneva, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.

TawiPay is a search engine for international money transfers, helping people find the cheapest, fastest, most convenient and trustworthy ways to send their money around the world.

SwissMetrics is a dynamic startup from Switzerland that is on a mission to enhance the way companies monitor their credit risk.

Squirro delivers real-time context intelligence by combining structured and unstructured data.

Splendit is an online platform that allows students to raise funding for their educational expenses and scholarships through crowdfunding campaigns.

Kickshops is the easiest way to launch and manage your online shop. They help businesses, startups and independent shops to sell more services and products. is a Swiss real estate crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to acquire shares of rental buildings.

Contovista is a digital banking software company. They specialize on big data analytics, business intelligence and visualization over financial data.

bexio is a simple business software that is ideal for small businesses, self-employed individuals and startups. bexio enables small businesses to work more efficiently by helping them cope with the administration better.

Bobmoney is an online lending platform that offers loans at a fixed annual interest rate.

Anivo is the first online insurance comparison platform which offers an individual insurance advisory service free of charge as an independent insurance broker in Switzerland.

Advanon is the leading invoice financing platform in Switzerland. They offer a simple and flexible way to get invoices pre-financed by numerous financial investors.

SecurionPay is an online and mobile-based payment solution created for developers with a set of clean and flexible APIs.

InvestGlass is a 24/7 financial markets platform built with Swiss banking know-how and a predictive algorithm. The company goal is to deliver smart financial information investors need at the right time and in the right format.

Mobino is a Swiss company incorporated in Geneva in 2011. Their products are integrated with the existing banking infrastructure, for example, through the SEPA system in Europe. A version with prepaid accounts is geared to countries where many citizens cannot access traditional banking services.

Fundbase delivers to qualified investors an integrated platform to discover, execute and monitor complex investments such as hedge funds, private equity and other high-conviction investments.