Shedding Light on Credit Indivisible With Big Alternative Data

Big data has become an immense part of any sort of sophisticated decision-making tool for financial institutions and beyond. The importance of consolidated structured records on customer financial (and not only) behavior is difficult to overestimate as it provides companies an opportunity to make accurate business choices and stay relevant in the market.

However, big data can also be applied to matters of social concern – like life quality improvement by income smoothing. A substantial part of the world’s population remains unbanked and unable to plug into the global financial system due to various reasons. And while traditional financial institutions are looking for reasons to deny someone of access to financial services, tech companies like Smart Token Chain, BanQu and others, are looking for reasons to expand connectivity and open new opportunities for those excluded from the global financial system. Those companies aim to leverage available records into the credible profile to bridge the gap between the financial system and ‘invisible’ hou ...

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