Shelfbucks Showcases the Retail Industry’s Most Advanced In-Store Customer Engagement Programs at NRF Big Show 2015

Shelfbucks joins forces with GameStop and Menasha to demonstrate beacon-based platform that brings the power of the Internet to shelves and displays throughout U.S.

AUSTIN, Texas – January 7, 2015 – Shelfbucks Inc. will provide a first look at two of the retail industry’s most advanced beacon-based customer engagement platforms at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2015 in New York.

Shelfbucks will demonstrate its in-store promotional platform currently being rolled out in GameStop stores, as well as the first visual merchandising Smart Displays created in conjunction with industry leader Menasha January 11 – 13 in NRF Big Show booth #1555.

Shelfbucks has rolled out its beacon platform in GameStop stores in test markets with plans to continue a nationwide deployment into 2015. Additionally Shelfbucks and Menasha have joined forces to completely re-invent in-store visual merchandising with the launch of POP displays that incorporate iBeacon technology to actively engage with shoppers.

These agreements with GameStop and Menasha have given us an incredible edge in retail customer engagement by setting new standards for how retailers and CPGs engage with customers while maximizing in-store sales opportunities, said Erik McMillan, CEO of Austin-based Shelfbucks. Working with industry leaders like GameStop and Menasha gives us tremendous insight into the ways customers interact within the store setting and allows us to re-define the in-store marketing experience.

Shelfbucks uses unique Beacon devices, installed on retailers’ store shelves, to provide an enhanced shopping experience for customers. A shopper browsing a product area interacts with Shelfbucks Beacons using a smartphone, and can immediately access expert content, promotional offers, ratings and reviews, and relevant data on nearby products. Shelfbucks helps eliminate the need for additional online research and showrooming, while saving shoppers time and delivering a superior shopping experience.

The new Menasha displays incorporate the Shelfbucks iBeacon-based Smart Display™ platform into brand POP merchandising to provide an enhanced experience for shoppers, while enabling brands and retailers to accurately measure in-store shopper behavior. Menasha’s new displays enable brands to determine how in-store POP displays perform compared to the brand’s goals, providing the opportunity to adjust in-store promotions with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Menasha Packaging creates and installs more than 40 million in-store POP displays each year in more than 55,000 retail locations for hundreds of CPG brands. Menasha and Shelfbucks expect to launch the first in-store Smart Displays in early 2015.

Founded in 2013, Shelfbucks garnered national attention as winner of the 2013 DEMO Conference in the enterprise solutions category. The company was named to Austin’s A-List of 2013 startups with the greatest growth potential, as well as Capital Factory’s Top 10 Startups to Watch at the 2014 SXSW conference. Shelfbucks is currently in discussions with multiple leading retailers about its Beacon platform and solutions.

About Shelfbucks

Shelfbucks is the leading in-store beacon promotion and Smart Display platform, which allows shoppers to interact with products, displays and store shelves from their smartphones via iBeacon, BLE and Bluetooth Smart Beacons. Shelfbucks enables retailers and brands to activate, engage and convert in-store shoppers by measuring real-time in-store shopper demand and delivering personalized special offers, coupons and expert content to shoppers’ iPhone or Android smartphones.. Shelfbucks helps retailers and brands build a loyal relationship with in-store shoppers, while increasing category sales, profit, and return visits. Shelfbucks is the first platform to allow retailers and brands to build a relationship with the growing number of GenY shoppers, who aren’t reading print newspaper circulars, direct mail, or clipping paper coupons. Shelfbucks also helps retailers reduce price matching and showrooming to increase in-store sales opportunities.

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