Shift Payments Launches New Mobile App To Track Payments And Dwolla Balance

August 5, 2015

ShiftThe first production release of the Shift mobile wallet has officially launched on July 30, 2015. The Shift Card Payments app is the new mobile companion to the Shift Payments issued debit card. Like any other debit card, Shift Payments enables users to complete transactions anywhere Visa is accepted. Additionally the Shift Card and mobile wallet companion allows users to send and request funds via Dwolla. Dwolla is a simple online and mobile payment system that connects with U.S. banks and credit unions to enable secure account-to-account transfers.


Shift makes payments easy, accessible, and secure. Users can keep track of spending and finances in real time and full transparency, and there are no transactions fees to use the card. The newly released app is available for Android through Google Play and for iOS through the AppStore.

Although Shift Payments offers a simple solution to making simple payments, below are some useful FAQs provided by the company which will help newcomers get set up an pay like pro

Where can I use the Shift Card?: The Shift Card is a Visa card. It works everywhere Visa is accepted. It works offline, online, and internationally. You can use the Card for everyday purchases at all your favorite merchants and at ATMs for cash withdrawals.

Are there any daily limits?: Yes, currently, the daily limit is up to $1,000.00.

Are there any transaction fees?: There are no fees on any transactions. However, we maintain the right to deactivate your card if we see unusual or suspicious activity. We will notify you and work with you to resolve unusual or suspicious activity.

I received my card. Do I have to do anything before using it? Yes. Please activate your card using the mobile app. In the left hand menu, there is a link to Activate Card. Please enter the last four digits of your Card to activate.

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