Shift4 Selected as Exclusive Payment Gateway by Resort Data Processing


On June 16th 2014, Veteran provider of property management software – Resort Data Processing (RDP) -  announced that it had selected payments industry pioneer Shift4 Corporation as the exclusive payment gateway provider for its upcoming releases of RDPWin Version 4, IRM.Net, and Mobile IRM for smartphones and tablets.

"When Elavon announced the end-of-life for Protobase, RDP was forced to find a new solution to help our customers navigate the new, increasingly complex PCI requirements, and to prepare for the upcoming migration to EMV cards," stated RDP President, Barry Biegler, in a press release. "We evaluated a wide variety of possible solutions and concluded that Shift4's offering is leaps and bounds ahead of other products on the market," he added.

  • Shift4's DOLLARS ON THE NET is a feature-packed payment gateway that connects merchants to the banks and processors of their choice.
  • Shift4's TrueTokenization and P2PE (point-to-point encryption) technologies combine to drastically reduce the scope of annual PCI assessments, saving hoteliers both time and money.
  • These technologies also provide the best available defense against data thieves.
  • RDP has long been committed to helping its customers maintain control of their environment and reduce their costs, and Shift4's solution does both, according to the release.
  • With a full suite of pre- and post-settlement auditing tools, Shift4 helps hoteliers qualify for the best possible processing rates and avoid unnecessary fees, fines, and downgrades.
  • DOLLARS ON THE NET also enables hoteliers to centrally audit and batch transactions across every part of their enterprise in one convenient location.
  • From the front desk to retail outlets, restaurants, and even the mobile POS devices out by the pool, Shift4's technologies have resort properties covered.

"Too many payment security technologies are focused on perimeter security -- building bigger fences and deeper moats around their data," commented Shift4 CEO, Dave Oder, in the same release. "Our solution is different. Instead of defending the data, we remove it from the hotel environment. After all, They can't steal what you don't have."


On 9th April 2014, DOLLARS ON THE NET® provider – Shift4 – announced their new solution VT4. This solution turns mobile devices into a convenient point of sale. VT4 was unveiled at TRANSACT 14: Powered by ETA and is accessible through a mobile app or  a web browser.



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