Shopkeep Comes up with a New Card Reader Integrated with NFC, EMV

Shopkeep recently announced the release of a card reader enabled with NFC for Apple Pay. The new card product comes with EMV as an additional security measure. It will provide merchants and consumers with an added layer of security in the form of two-factor authentication needed for EMV smart card payments & contactless payments. This new card reader brings the latest advancement in payment technology to thousands of merchants.

ShopKeep is a cloud-based small business technology provider trusted by more than 10,000 small business owners to manage payments with iPads. The company provides cloud-based point of sale software for managing retail shops, bars and restaurants. ShopKeep helps business owners set up their registers in minutes, accept cash and credit cards with their choice of processor, view real-time sales on their smartphone and easily track inventory and staff.

Security has always been a top priority for ShopKeep. The company’s current card reader securely accepts payment card data using point-to-point encryption. With Apple’s release of Apple Pay this month, ShopKeep is ensuring that merchants will have the support and tools to accept such new forms of payments.

With EMV compliance becoming mandatory next year, the liability for fraudulent credit card transactions will shift to the merchants. ShopKeep’s new card reader will safeguard merchants against potential risk and other secure transaction vulnerabilities. This new device enables merchants to further increase the security of each transaction at the point of sale. The new card reader will be available for purchase beginning November 2014.

Norm Merritt, president and co-CEO of ShopKeep commented: From the day ShopKeep was launched, we offered our merchants card readers with point-to-point encryption to safeguard against hackers capturing, counterfeiting and selling their customers’ payment data. We pride ourselves on supporting small business owners in their quest to be successful, and that includes security. Apple Pay and EMV represent the future of the payment industry and we are strengthening our commitment to keeping merchants ahead of the curve.