Shopkeep Launches New Payment System for its POS Equipment

ShopKeep, the cloud-based technology provider with more than 16,000 registers in use by retail shops, restaurants, and other organizations, has introduced ShopKeep Payments. ShopKeep Payments is a fully customizable payment processing solution for retail shops, restaurants and other businesses that prefer to have one centralized system for their merchant services with no annual contracts.

ShopKeep Payments will be a new division of ShopKeep, and will leverage technology from Payment Revolution, an independent sales organization and full service credit card processing firm that specializes in custom solutions. ShopKeep Payments will also offer best-in-class residual payouts to its interested and certified value-added resellers and referral partners. Additionally, ShopKeep will continue to allow merchants to work with any credit card processor of their choosing.

In December last year, the startup firm launched a new line of POS equipment to allow merchants to accept mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay and also secure credit card payments. The new equipment uses NFC to allow customers to make contactless payments using their phones. Shopkeep has made its equipment more powerful with an integrated payment system, and is making the right moves by focusing on providing end-to-end solutions for merchants.

With the new offering, ShopKeep is competing against companies such as Square, Poynt, First Data, etc. In light of the EMV mandate in the U.S., ShopKeep and other companies are resorting to increasingly aggressive tactics to make small and big businesses upgrade their POS systems. This further highlights enhanced support by POS players for new forms of payments. ShopKeep boasts a merchant base of 11,000. The company is betting on the trend of mobile payment methods becoming more popular and even small businesses demanding upgraded POS solutions.

Norm Merritt, President and CEO of ShopKeep, said in an official press release, ShopKeep is more than just point of sale software. It is a business management system, and as the industry continues to change, we are expanding into areas that help our customers run smarter businesses and grow – that includes data and analytics, gift cards, marketing software integrations and now payments. Most merchants do not have the time to fully research the intricacies of payment processing, and because ShopKeep has such transparent pricing options, so many of them have requested a simpler payments solution from us. With ShopKeep Payments, merchants can have all of their point of sale needs in one place, with transparent pricing, customized rates, award-winning 24/7 customer support, no termination fees and no contracts.