ShopSavvy, Pointing out the best deal for a product with Barcode Scan

Over 10 Mn users, 12+ Mn downloads, Top 10 Android App, 20K+ downloads per day on Android, Top 100 iPhone App, 9K+ downloads per day on iPhone & Selected by Consumer Reports as the BEST scanner. These are some of the statistics boasted by ShopSavvy, an app that enables consumers to scan barcodes and find the best deal from online and local retailers.

ShopSavvy was co-founded in 2008 by Rylan Barnes (CTO) and Alexander Muse with John Boyd as current CEO. The company has received a total funding of $10.7 Mn through investors Architel LP and Facebook co-founder, Eduardo Saverin. Currently shopsavvy has more than 10 Mn users which has got over 40,000 retailers to join the platform.

ShopSavvy application allows customers to scan barcodes and help them compare various products and prices with others, thereby enabling them to find the best deal from local and online retailer. The app enables one-tap shopping wherein a customer can scan an item in-store to see better deals online for the same product. ShopSavvy says the scan function is accurate and superfast in searching the products.

This is a demo of ShopSavvy’s application:

Some of the features of ShopSavvy’s application:

Scanning Products: Shopsavvy enables user to scan items at home or in-store to find similar products in nearby stores or online and compare prices. It can be done with a name search.

Products Review: The app gives review on various products also provides comparison with others. Users can read the reviews/comments associated with the product and give their own feedback on the products.

Local Listings: With shopsavvy users can sell a product they own just by scanning it with the app.

Deals: It allows customers to search various deals both online and in local merchant stores. The deal tab is now registered with Groupon.

Shopsavvy is also helping retailers to track their inventory, prices and location data. It accepts retailer’s data by 14 ways which covers batch files and XML files. This solves the user’s problem to a great extent. It helps players like Walmart turn complex data into a simple form of which sense can be made.

Another company operating in this space is Redlazer. It is a free shopping application which allows user to shop by scanning the barcode and help them compare products .It helps user in accessing current deals at local store or scan to discover if a better price is available nearby. Redlazer is an eBay company. Their app has been downloaded over 2 Mn times.

ShopSavvy recently updated their app to encash on the holiday season. On 21st November, the company stated that that its latest release included a number of features designed to help users identify the best Black Friday offers. It also features millions of new products, featured lists and a social shopping feed system. It also enables users to share lists and products through Gmail, Facebook and other social tools.