A Shot Back At Square For Square Market, Etsy Retail Payments

Its A War Folks

It was a very hot day on August 11th, 2013 and I just got the official news that Square had announced the Square market. I got private message from a Square employee who is a great friend to answer to a question on why Square developed Square market. It was a hard thing for me to write because I knew at the time Square had drifted far, far from the foundation that propelled the company to greatness. Square Market, I knew was a spectacular abstraction and distraction of time, talent and money. To anyone with true domain experience and direct empirical praxis, the moment the idea came up, the famous editing Jack Dorsey is known for, should have leaped to the floor and said no! Sadly that did not come to pass.

I pointed out that Square is not improving upon Amazon and Etsy. I knew thing would become comp ...

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