Sign2Pay- An Innovator in the Mobile Commerce Checkout Space

This year’s Innovation Award winner at the Merchant Payment Ecosystem Conference (MPE), Sign2Pay, allows people to buy online in the most secure way possible by authenticating payments on touchscreen devices with their signatures. Sign2Pay won this year’s Innovation Award at the MPE Conference with votes from 600 payments experts and key decision-makers including American Express, PayPal, ABN AMRO, MasterCard, Shell, Discover, Carrefour, Total, etc.

Sign2Pay provides a secure and convenient mobile payment method that allows consumers to use their touchscreen device to pay with their bank account number and personal signature. By removing the usual obstacles to paying online, visitors are more likely to complete their purchases, turning more prospects into customers.

Analyzing hundreds of data points in a single signature, Sign2Pay provides the same level of security as fingerprint or facial recognition. Sign2Pay’s technology works across all major platforms, covers over 3700 banks across 18 European countries and supports all touch-enabled devices.

Sign2Pay example of signature verification from Nicolas Mertens on Vimeo.

In an interview, CEO of Sign2Pay Nicolas Mertens stated that, “With 12,000 data points in a signature, the Sign2Pay app converts the signature into biometric verification—much faster than the long, tedious process of inputting numbers on a card reader. And since our phones are always in easy reach, we can complete an online transaction with debit cards in seconds. Plus as not all Europeans have credit cards, debit card holders are an important market.”

Sign2Pay also tracks the signature with different features such as the total speed, the start/end points, velocity, the strokes, touchpoints, and so on.

About the company:

Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, Sign2Pay was founded by Nicolas Mertens and Tom Schouteden in 2013. Nicolas Mertens carries the experience of working in the online payments space. So far, the company has raised $700k  of funding in one round.


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