SimplyTapp Reinvents Mobile Commerce Like It Did With NFC Payments

New Payments Category Created

AUSTIN, TX - Jan. 19, 2017 - SimplyTapp is launching its consumer-facing payment, money transfer and shopping app, Gane, today. (Exclusive ProductHunt community offer.) After showcasing the product in October of last year, the US is the first market where people can use Gane with Apple Pay and Android devices. The fully digitized mobile app offers its customers the ability to redeem merchant-based incentives and coupons at the same time as payment through the use of both Apple Pay and Android. This makes Gane an easy, secure and private way to shop, save, pay and transfer that’s fast and convenient.

Gane is based on an automatic app-to-wallet integration that combines shopping incentive offers like Groupon, with the ability to buy goods and services in both brick-and-mortar as well as online shops like Visa, with P2P money transfer like Venmo.

Gane does not fit into any one payments, couponing or shopping category but instead combines the best of all three to give the first purely mobile commerce experience that moves seamlessly between the digital and physical worlds, said Ted Fifelski, President and Co-founder, SimplyTapp.

Gane is more than a digital payment and shopping app. It is a more natural way to use mobile technology.

What does Gane do?

It does three things. (1) It gives instant access to money transfers so you can immediately buy physical goods and services in-store. (2) It makes redeeming merchant offers, incentives and store credits intuitive and automatic. (3) It makes sharing, transferring and splitting offers, incentives and store credits simple and straightforward.

Instant cash for in-store purchases.

Gane is the easiest and fastest way to send and receive money that can be used instantly to purchase goods and services in brick-and-mortar shops. Want that sandwich for lunch, but your friend still owes you that $10? With Gane, there is no waiting. Friends send and you spend, instantly.

No hassle offers and redemption

Gane is the most convenient way to collect, save and redeem offers from merchants you already know and like. All you have to do is search the map or Discovery feed to see what offers are currently active; click to collect the offer; and use Gane to tap and pay to complete your purchase. The offer will be applied to your purchase instantly and automatically. You or the merchant do not have to do anything. I.e. You get a $3 offer to CVS Pharmacy. You collect the offer and all you have to do is use Gane when you shop at CVS Pharmacy and you saved $3 instantly and automatically.

Sharing more than money

On mobile, simple and straightforward are as important as being able to do it at all. With Gane, users can split, share or transfer anything in their account. That includes store credits, offers or incentives, as well as money. Enabling users to send and share more than just money transforms every store credit, coupon, offer etc., into cash. You have that $3 offer for CVS Pharmacy, but it is expiring before you can use it? Send it to your buddy who can use it now and they save $3 versus just letting it go to waste. It’s like sharing at the speed of life.

How it works

It is straightforward. No matter where you see a Gane offer – on the apps real-time Discover feed or across your favorite social apps – all you do is click to collect it. Gane takes care of the rest, and your offer is instantly collected and ready to be used. To use the offer, all you do is use Gane to tap and pay at the merchant and the offer is applied automatically. If you want to purchase something remotely, like Uber or GrubHub, you can do that as well using Gane.

The other features of the app are equally straightforward. The app has simple, fast navigation tabs: Home, Discover, Activities and Settings. The Home tab screen shows your Gane balance along with the offers you collected that are ready to use. The Discover tab shows you what people are using and collecting in real-time and allows you to collect offers. The activities tab shows you all the ins and outs of your account, i.e., you collected that $3 offer for CVS Pharmacy, it will show up on your activities list – its same thing for your purchases and money transfers. The Settings tab allows you to manage your account profile.

The send money feature is similar to Venmo’s and is located in the upper right-hand corner. Select the type of amount you would like to send, i.e. store credit to El Pollo Loco, store credit Anthropology or cash; then select someone from your contacts and off it goes.

Where does it work?

Gane works for both in-store and in-app purchases and is accepted everywhere Apple Pay or Android are accepted as well as millions of locations and merchants in the US and around the world.

About SimplyTapp: SimplyTapp is a team of payments, finance, large scale data systems and mobile experts with offices in Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California. They are the creators of Host Card Emulation (HCE) and provide cloud-based payment solutions to banks and financial institutions around the world. They create secure, scalable mobile commerce solutions that connect the online and offline worlds.